Your connection to crystals is strong. You feel an innate pull towards them. You're amazed by the wondrous beauties that nature has created...

As founder, designer and owner of ElevatingVibrations, my heart and soul has gone into creating a line of handcrafted crystal jewelry suited for both women and men. I create one of a kind crystal jewelry from genuine crystals (many of which are raw, never tumbled or polished), sterling silver and genuine copper wire, to support you on your spiritual journey.

I first started wire wrapping crystals after inheriting some crystal necklaces and bracelets which felt like they needed a fresh start. I began playing with wire and beads, and shortly after, I felt the push to began wrapping raw crystals - as they came from Mother Earth.

I've always loved jewelry, crystals and crafting, so this just felt right from the start. I feel beyond blessed to be able to share my creativity in a way that supports others spiritual journeys as well as my own.

Forever made with the utmost love, positivity and gratitude